BR10PT1500 is most popular Balacchi HF machine recognizable by its maximum durability, safety and reliability due to high quality mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components.


BR20PT1500 is HF welding machine with power from 10 up to 25 kW specially designed for manufacturing of medium size PVC structures such as stechnical covers (halls, tents), tarpaulins, oil booms or swimming pools. Its main feature is the big C frame (1500mm) with a large space behind the welding tool to perform welds for products that usually require the detailed welding operation. The performances of machine guarantee the high quality and very strong, uniform and straight welding.

Balacchi HF BR10PT1500 machine is equipped with numerous accessories that provide easier (and safe) job execution and fabric manipulation: press protection system, foot pedal, lasers guide, remote control, specially designed, personalised and engraved electrodes, easy electrode changing system, vacuum system for positioning materials, ect. Its welding table is equipped by rounded wood to facilitate fabric sliding. It is always possible to upgrade the machine up to customer specific needs.

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