Balacchi HF extends its range of PTFE welders, offering a compact, economic, low-power device for welding of PTFE coated, silicone coated glass fabrics, technical and architectural as well as mesh fabrics. It is often required alone or as a complement of industrial PTFE welding equipment. This special lightweight tool is suitable for pre-bleached and damageable fabrics; the temperature and welding time can be exactly controlled thanks to the high quality control unit. We specify and use Datalogic controllers due to their high quality and durability.

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It is completely made of aluminum and stainless steel, specially designed for application during membrane fabrication process and repair, strongly resistant keeps the temperature constant even at any weather conditions. Easy to handle thanks to ergonomic holder. Cooling plate included. Each device could be delivered with a convenient support that allows safe positioning while it is not in instantaneous use.

Balacchi HF produces PTFE hand welding tools in different electrode lengths: from short sized (150mm) to longer version, up to 600mm long. In addition, the width is flexible from 50 to 80mm. The shorter unit is generally used by PTFE belt producers and end users. The iron is ideal for making small joints on PTFE belts in situ on a machine or welding patches to belts that have been running on machines and are in need of a quick repair. The larger PTFE welding iron can be used for the same as the shorter unit but is generally used for manufacturing and patching PTFE coated architectural membrane structures. Full operation manuals are delivered and onsite training can be provided if required.

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