BR45CLTS welding machine (with power from 20 up to 45 KW) is intended for the HF welding of car items such as: individual parts of an instrumental panel, textile insertion – HF lamination, sealing of PA structural component, reinforced-section welding on floor carpet, door panels, etc. Its peculiarity is the CUTTING-WELDING force remarkably increased by the oleo-dynamic drive action up to 100.000 kg in order to cut and fix material with accuracy. Equipped with the double-sliding trays system this machine is one of the most advanced model in the sector. Innovative PLC for managing but intuitive for operator on 360° turning support or on separate console.

Machine can be equipped with quick-change electrode system while personalised moulds and electrodes are available upon request. Heating of electrode is optional but strongly recommended if heavier PVC sheets or PU foams should be welded.

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