HF welding rotating station for AUTOMOTIVE (with power from 8 up to 15 KW) is appositely designed for the SUN VISORS production. The main feature of this machine is the force of pressing during the welding process which can be increased by the hydraulic drive action up to 3.000 kg in order to fix material with accuracy. C-frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator guarantee the sable work execution. Available with 3 or 6 welding workstations.

BR 10 PNEquipped with BALACCHI HF special SUN VISORS-ELECTRODES this HF welding machine is one of the most advanced in the sector. The welding electrode is screw fixed which the replacement of electrode makes easier. Stroke distance and horizontal position of electrode are can be regulating.

Innovative and intuitive PLC managing mounted on separated support. Constant production quality is accompanied also with substantial repeatability and pronounced work ergonomics. With the use of touch screen programmable PLC operator can easily input multiple weld/seam recipes.

Automatic weld cycles, optional preheated or cooled weld platen, hydraulic weld head drive, electronic motion and weld cycle counter make this machine a perfect tool for high end production facility where precision, durability and strength are imperative.

Rotative BR10PN is made specifically for production in automotive industry but it can be easily adaptive in medical, packaging, recreation, textile sector. Different weldable material on base of PVC, PU, PET-G, A-PET, PLA could be elaborated by this machine.

PDF-icon  Technical performances BR10 PN Sun visor