Balacchi HF handheld cutter & welder cleanly cut and seal the edge of synthetic films and fabrics in a single step, simultaneously welding the cut off sides. When a double layer of fabric is passed under the cutter, it joins the two layers along the edge as it is cut and sealed.

The BalacchiHF handheld cutter & welder is designed specifically for continuous cutting and sealing of loom-driven knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene, thermoplastic urethane and other synthetic blends. Applicable in varied fabric industries: awnings, interior blinds, screens, tablecloth, dressing, ect.

This device operates noiselessly and can be can be utilised easily with only basic training. The important feature is that it eliminates fraying, beading and burnings with reducing working costs by eliminating additional trimming steps.

BHH 28-500 - Ultrasonic cutting and welding


bhh tablePDF-iconBHH 28-500



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