BALACCHI HF starts its production more than 40 years ago in a little plant located quite in the center of Milano city. The main activity was the production of rods, moulds and electrodes for the thermoforming and HF welding applications.

    After some years and with more experience given by an increasing working development, to the simply electrodes and moulds production, was added the MACHINERIES manufacturing. At the beginning only simply and static machines were offered on the marked , then , step by step, new and more complicated models came to increase the company products range till today where Balacchi is able to produce complete and sophisticate welding lines even destined to the high complicated world of automotive field.

    Balacchi HF POLICY:


    The Customer is our point of reference, agency, person or society, it has the absolute priority. We have to understand his requirements, and organize in order to satisfy and anticipate his waits. The fundamental requirements of the Customer and the company, included Qualities, Safeness on work and respect of the Environment are transformed in specific purposes. These aims involve all Balacchi HF structure and are also periodically verified.


    Our company is managed through processes, that operate in cross-sectional sense to the many different business functions. Our attention is focused on the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes in order to reduce wastes and create more value. All our decisions are taken on the base of concrete data and so the “measurements” are one instrument of fundamental importance.


    Balacchi HF it is engaged to respect the laws, the applicable regulations and norms (communitarian, national, regional, premises, business), as capitola, the norms and the demands of Customers. Such norms are binding for all the business processes, including those ones relative to the prevention of quality, safeness and the pollution.


    It is a strategic factor applied to all Balacchi HF business processes and is followed by each person in the company. The respect of the laws and existing regulations must be seen as the minimal requisuite to reach more and more ambitiouses aims. Only through a precise work of prevention and improvement we can pursue the politics of “zero defects” applied also to all processes that influence quality, emergency and atmosphere.

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